our hope

Our hope in Student Ministry at Genesis Church is to be a safe place for students to come and know that they are loved for who they are as a person in God’s world. Here a student will discover that God has specific purposes for them, which is rooted in the wondrous fact that He loves them.

our goal

Our goal in Student Ministry at Genesis Church is to guide students into an ever-deepening relationship with Christ, a community that cares, support, and loves one another, and lastly, one that spreads the loving hope of Christ to the many, yet specific, places around them.

our mission

Our mission in Student Ministry at Genesis Church is to provide the students; to think responsibly and rightly about who God is and what sin is, a clear understanding of the worship of Him, a Biblically grounded Christianly world-view, and lastly, a place where the students can make the faith their own before heading off and sending them out to their next stages of life. First, rooted in Christ and secondly, participating faithfully in the Church.

our core

Student Ministry at Genesis Church is relationship based at the core. God has ordained His message to be grown and spread through human agency, so intentional time spent with others who do not know God as their personal Lord and Savior is a must. Intentional time spent in training (discipleship) those who do know Him also is a must, in order to equip them to do good works in the Lord. God’s Word is the source from which we grow in the knowledge of Him and from that source flows we gladly make His Great Name known to the nations.

Weekly meetings


Wednesday Evenings: 5:30pm-7:00pm


We are getting ready to launch a new High School Youth Group at the beginning of 2022. From now until January we will be meeting once a month.

Join us this month for a board game night
Saturday, Oct. 23rd - 7:00 pm @ Genesis Church

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